Digital x Sustainability (By Invitation Only)

7 June 2023 | 10.00am - 12.00pm

Sentosa 2 | Capella Singapore

With digital technology becoming a pervasive part of every individual, enterprise, industries and countries, the rapid expansion of digital applications will contribute to global GHG emissions, rising from 2-4% today to 14% by 2040. Though much success has been found in improving the energy efficiency of digital infrastructure and hardware, to achieve the next bound of energy savings, we must now look to innovating similarly for software.

Key industry players and policy makers will come together in this invite-only Digital x Sustainability Roundtable to explore the intersection of ICT, economic growth, and environmental sustainability, and examine the need for low—carbon ICT solutions, and the challenges of balancing economic growth and environmental impact from technology.

Industry experts and thought leaders will share insights on the latest trends and approaches to sustainable ICT solutions, their views on development and implementation of green software, and the potential for collaborations to accelerate research, development, and deployment.