Securing Digital Connectivity: Global Issues, Global Approach (By Invitation Only)

7 June 2023 | 9.30am - 12.00pm

Sentosa 1 | Capella Singapore

The global digital economy of today is powered by an extensive and globally interconnected web of digital infrastructure - think sub-sea cables, cloud and data centres.

We are also set to see an explosion of data, from - 64ZB in 2020 to 180ZB by 2025. This will necessitate continued global investments and maintenance of this important infrastructure.

In a fragmented world, it's more important than ever for governments and industry to work together to establish collective rules and norms to support and secure these vital networks.

This year, the Digital Infrastructure Roundtable will centre around how countries can collectively architect future-ready and secure digital infrastructure in Asia to drive growth and innovation.

In addition, the roundtable will discuss how Governments and Industry can work together to establish international rules and norms for key arteries of digital infrastructure like sub-sea cables.