Kisson Lin
Co-Founder and COO at Mindverse AI


Kisson Lin is the Co-Founder and COO of Mindverse AI, an AI startup that provides Mind-as-a-Service to businesses and individuals worldwide. Mindverse AI has developed MindOS, an easy-to-use and flexible AI genius that is both controllable and powerful. With customizable personality and long-term memories, MindOS can connect with customers just like a real person and teach itself new skills. MindOS empowers multiple industries, such as hotel & hospitality - as AI trip planners & hotel butlers, ecommerce & retail - as digital sales & customer service reps, education - as an AI tutor, etc.

As a conference speaker, Kisson shares her expertise on the future of AI and how Mindverse AI's solutions can help businesses and individuals leverage the power of AI to transform the way they operate. Prior to founding Mindverse AI, Kisson spent six years at Facebook, where she was in the corporate strategy team in the US, responsible for new user product development and investment & acquisition strategies. Before building Mindverse AI, Kisson also served as the Monetization Strategy Director at Bytedance, where she oversaw the monetization product plans for key markets.