Ray Harishankar
IBM Fellow at IBM


Ray Harishankar is an IBM Fellow within the Quantum team focused on Quantum Safe. In this role, Ray is responsible for leading the business and technical strategy for IBM Quantum Safe, driving the quantum safe product strategy and product engineering. Ray leverages the deep technical expertise that IBM has in broader security services and post quantum cryptography and pragmatically applies it to benefit clients. Ray also advocates IBM capabilities and leadership in Quantum Safe with its industry clients. Given his extensive client experience, Ray also functions as a mentor for the IBM Quantum Safe delivery team.

Ray is actively engaged with customers across multiple industries and with a focus on Insurance, Banking, Tele Communications and Government. He is often sought after for providing his perspectives on simplifying complex architectures, pragmatic application of leading-edge technologies and innovative methods and approaches. He is on the technology advisory council for selected customers and universities and provides guidance to them on technology decisions.

Ray has been with IBM since 1999. He was nominated as a Distinguished Engineer in 2003 and as an IBM Fellow in 2006. Appointment to IBM Fellow is the highest honor that an employee can receive for technical innovation. Ray is also a member of IBM Academy of Technology. In 2009, Ray was named an Asian American Engineer of the Year. In October 2013, he was honoured with a Distinguished Alumnus award by the Ohio State University College of Engineering. Ray holds 23 patents and has filed several more.