Timoni West
Vice President, Product, Wētā Tools at Unity Technologies


Timoni West is the VP of Product for Wētā Tools at Unity, helping film and game makers create extraordinarily high quality linear and real-time experiences. Previously, they were the VP of Augmented and Virtual Reality, focusing on spatial computing: how we will live, work, and create in a world where digital objects and the real world live side-by-side.

A longtime technologist, Timoni was formerly SVP at Alphaworks, co-founder of Recollect, and CEO of Department of Design, a digital agency. They've worked for startups across the country, including Foursquare, Flickr, Causes, and Airtime. In 2022, they were on Fast Company’s Most Creative People list, and served as a jury member for Cannes Lion 2019. They often give talks and speak on human-computer interaction and future technology, including interviews for the Economist, CNN, Wired, Bloomberg, and more.