Peter Hlavnicka, Founder and CEO, Phi Ventures
Founder, Phi Ventures

Peter Hlavnicka

30+ years of global experience in deep-tech and med-tech, consulting, IP, semiconductors, consumer electronics, and renewable energy sectors. Wealth of expertise with particular strengths in IP Commercialization, Supply Chain, Operations, Global IP & Brand Protection, IP Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement, and Risk Management.  

Angel investor, Founder and CEO at Phi Ventures Pte. Ltd., Venture Partner at R3i Capital. Previously Director at Fitbit Inc., BlackBerry Ltd., Dolby Laboratories Inc.,  Avaya Inc. and Nortel Networks Corp. 

Leading author ” PROTECTING THE BRAND" books by Law Journal Press (ISBN: 978-1-58852-339-6, 2013), and BEP (ISBN: 978-1-63742-151-2, Nov. 2021; ISBN: : 978-1-63742-206-9, May 2022), “ENHANCED ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT” by BEP (ISBN: 978-1-63742-398-1), and speaker, superconnector. 

M.S. in Computer Science with specialization in Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence from the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, and MBA from the University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business.