Arianne Jimenez Privacy & Public Policy Manager, APAC Meta
Privacy & Public Policy Manager, APAC Meta

Arianne Jimenez

Arianne joined Meta (formerly Facebook) in January 2018 as Privacy & Public PolicyManager for the Asia Pacific, and she is part of the company’s global Privacy and data Policy Team. She’s responsible for helping drive Meta’s strategy and engagement in the region on privacy policy and data-driven innovation. She is also involved in evaluating and responding to legislative and regulatory developments around privacy and emerging technologies, providing advice on product, feature, and policy development, and building initiatives focused on privacy and emerging technologies.

She brings both an academic and industry perspective, having specialized in privacy law for her Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) degree, which she obtained from theUniversity of California – Berkeley School of Law. Her doctoral dissertation was on Working Towards a Data Protection Soft Law Framework for the ASEAN Region. She obtained her Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the same institution, where she obtained a Certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

During her time in Berkeley, she was also a Graduate Tutor and a Research Assistant, focusing her efforts on legal research and writing, and US privacy. During her legal career in the Philippines, from which she hails, she clerked for a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, worked as Legal Counsel and DataProtection Officer for a tech company, and taught law subjects at De La SalleUniversity. She’s also published articles on intellectual property law and cyberlaw.