Dashveenjit Kaur, Senior Tech Reporter, Tech Wire Asia and TechHQ
Senior Tech Reporter, Tech Wire Asia and TechHQ

Dashveenjit Kaur

Dashveen bridges together over six years of business journalism experience with the fastchanging world of technology. At this intersection, she writes about how businesses benefit from technology, and how technology is changing the face of business. Her areas of focus are both APAC, and enterprise tech in the US market. Over the last year, Dashveen has carved out a niche of expertise in the semiconductor industry and chip shortage, as well as developments within the electric vehicle market. From reporting on tech, to the stock market, to her early days covering Malaysian parliamentary proceedings, Dashveen enjoys the fast-paced and high-stakes nature of evolving news. She takes that same drive and focuses on how infrastructure, business and technology are changing corporations, enterprises and small businesses worldwide.