Saurabh	 Doshi
Chief Executive Officer, Virtualness

Saurabh Doshi

Saurabh is Founder of Virtualness, a global Web3 mobile-first platform designed to help creators and brands navigate the complex world of blockchain & Web3. Authenticated creators and brands can use Virtualness to design, mint and sell branded digital collectibles; directly interact with their community; enable unique fan experiences and unlock new channels for monetization. 

Formerly Saurabh held senior leadership roles at Meta for close to a decade, heading Emerging Markets for Creator Products & Partnerships & Asia-Pacific for all Entertainment Experiences on Facebook and Instagram. Before Meta, Saurabh was Vice President at Viacom Group heading digital initiatives, Star India & Investment Banker with Bank of America. 

Saurabh brings in almost two decades of global experience in the tech sector having played pivotal role in several transitions e.g. Web2, Mobile, Video, Social, Creator Economy and is now building the infrastructure blocks for Web3 leading to the Metaverse.