Lionel Chok, Chief Metaverse Officer, WorldX
Chief Metaverse Officer, WorldX

Lionel Chok

Having established a career in media, design and the creative industries since 1996, Lionel Chok decided to pursue his postgraduate studies in London to specialise in Creative Technologies (Extended Reality). Since graduating with Distinction. he returned to Singapore and founded iMMERSiVELY - a creative startup specialising in developing and delivering immersive tech applications and solutions across various industries. He has since also served as a contributor for Forbes Asia, committee member (ARVR) for SIGGRAPH Asia, and is a much sought after consultant and speaker in XR in South East Asia. 

Today, as part of the acquisition of iMMERSiVELY by Hatten Land (2021), he serves as Chief Metaverse Officer to bring to life - a brand new Hatten Metaverse.