Brian Holz CEO Mangata Networks
CEO, Mangata Networks

Brian Holz

CEO, Mangata Networks: Brian has 35 years of progressive space system engineering, program management, and executive leadership experience.  He has provided executive leadership of large multi-discipline teams developing complex commercial and government space systems using state of the art technology. He has experience working with large investors, raising equity, and supporting multi-faceted Boards. He has built two startup companies from the ground up including being the first employee of O3b Networks and its CTO responsible for delivering all of its technical systems through start of service.  He also helped OneWeb raise its initial capital and was the first CEO of OneWeb Satellites for its first two years setting up the joint venture with Airbus Defense and Space and its operations in both the US and France.  Brian has a B.S in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering where he serves today on the departments advisory board.  He also has an M.S in Space Systems Engineering from George Washington University.