Aaron Raj, Associate Editor, Tech Wire Asia
Associate Editor, Tech Wire Asia

Aaron Raj

As Associate Editor, Aaron oversees all published content on Tech Wire Asia. He monitors key trends and developments in the enterprise tech scene across APAC and focuses on how these changes have a wider impact on the region. His key areas of interest include cloud and data centers, cybersecurity, fintech, e-Commerce, semiconductors and electric vehicles. He has a personal interest in cybersecurity news and new technologies changing the dynamics of business. Having attended many tech events and forums, both local and internationally, Aaron is astonished and delighted by the innovations, possibilities and opportunities being developed and changing how things get done. From large tech enterprises to start-ups, Aaron has also interviewed some of the biggest tech personalities in the industry, and likes to hear from the change makers themselves where they see the future of tech and business. If you’re here to talk emerging tech, come talk to Aaron.