Ranjith Kumar, Innovation and Digital Transformation Lead, Mapletree
Innovation and Digital Transformation Lead, Mapletree

Ranjith Kumar

Ranjith leads Innovation and Digital Transformation Projects at Mapletree Investments, focusing on innovation with emerging technologies to achieve business vision. 

Ranjith has over 20 years of experience in designing, building, and modernizing complex enterprise environments. Prior to Mapletree Investments, Ranjith served as Principal Digital Solution Adviser with roles such as Enterprise Architect / Solution Architect / Innovation Tech Services Lead, designing robust digital solutions primarily in the logistics domain with a strong focus on supply chain, supply chain finance, and compliance with Pfizer, Perkin Elmer, Hewlett Packard.

His experience spans various technology solutions and recently has been focused on the adoption of Quantum Computing in Enterprises and evaluation of applications and algorithms. Ranjith has a Master of Business in ERP Systems from Victoria University, Australia and a Professional Certificate in Quantum Computing from MIT.