Sunita Kannan, Data & AI Solutions Lead and Azure Quantum Ambassador,
Data & AI Sales Strategy Lead and Azure Quantum Ambassador, Microsoft

Sunita Kannan

Sunita is currently the Data & AI Solutions Lead and Azure Quantum Ambassador at Microsoft. She has a wealth of experience in managing & delivering Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence work for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries. She also works with clients on their Quantum journey.

Prior to Microsoft, Sunita was leading the space of Data, Analytics and AI across a number of leading consulting firms, with the most recent being Accenture in which she was the AI Advisory and Responsible AI Lead for APAC.

Before consulting, Sunita was a PhD Quantum Physics student at the University of Colorado (Boulder). She holds a Master of Science in Quantum Physics and a Bachelors in Mathematics and Physics (distinction and honors) from Wellesley College (MA, USA).