Lavina Tauro, Vice President Marketing & Country Manager, VIU Myanmar
Vice President Marketing & Country Manager, VIU Myanmar

Lavina Tauro

Lavina is a dedicated business professional, with over 21 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry. Her experience in roles across content, creative, programming, product, syndication, marketing and business management has adapted her to any challenge at the C-level position she currently holds. She has a proven track record of setting up businesses, implementing business frameworks in existing markets and first time markets; P&L management for divisions within the company; and guiding the core team in stabilizing the business, leading to productivity and eventual profitability. Her result-oriented approach is complemented with an ability to balance expectations of managing a business. She always plays a key role in driving initiatives by both being a leader and team player, when required. She has previously been a part of various global entertainment companies such as The Walt Disney Company (India) and UTV.