Heng Kwee Tong,  VP of Engineering and Customer Solutions, SPTel
Vice President, Engineering and Customer Solutions, SPTel

Kwee Tong Heng

Mr Heng Kwee Tong is the Head of Engineering and Customer Solutions at SPTel, handling key functions such as research, engineering design and implementation of enterprise network services, Edge Cloud and IoT.

He is a veteran in the Telecommunication and Technology Industry with over 20 years of extensive experience and led the implementation of IPTV and FTTH services in Singapore. He brings with him invaluable knowledge of the Telecoms and Technology industry. He has also spoken in numerous industry forums and was a member of IMDA Technical Standard Technical Committee as well as ITE Engineering and IT Academic Advisory Committee.

Mr Heng was also co-inventor of 2 patents in RFID and Sigma-Delta Modulation Code Division Multiple Access Receiver, and published more than 10 international journals. He has also recently published 2 White Papers titled “The Road to 5G Services” and “Accelerating Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT for Smart Nation”. Prior to joining SPTel, he was responsible for leading key initiatives in 5G transport and Software Defined Network (SDN) at a major telco.