Jean-Luc Maria, CEO, Exotrail
Chairman and CEO, Exotrail

Jean-Luc Maria

Jean-Luc Maria is an aerospace engineer (he holds an aerospace engineering degree from ISAE-SupAero) and has been a space project manager for 16 years at CNRS (French National Research Centre). He has a system engineering background and became technical project manager on solar system exploration missions (Venus Express, ExoMars, BepiColombo …).  

He has been involved at various stages of a space payload development, from call biding to realization, testing and delivery. He has then been responsible of an AIT (Assembly, Integration & Tests) platform for space hardware integration and qualification. Thanks to these experiences, he has a wide and comprehensive knowledge of the space hardware development cycle, together with an extensive network in the space industry worldwide. Jean-Luc Maria, cofounder of Exotrail and former CTO, becomes Chairman and CEO of Exotrail in October 2021. Jean-Luc leads Exotrail’s vision and global exécution.