Benjamin  Soh
Managing Director, STACS

Benjamin Soh

Benjamin Soh is the Managing Director of STACS, a Singapore FinTech company focused on ESG FinTech, in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)'s Project Greenprint for ESGpedia - the Greenprint ESG Registry. STACS serves as the Nexus of ESG Finance with its live blockchain infrastructure that enables effective Sustainable Finance. Its clients and partners include global banks, stock exchanges, asset managers, and corporates. 

A serial FinTech entrepreneur who previously founded a B2B FinTech firm with more than 500 employees in 6 countries serving the needs of more than 100 financial services firms worldwide, Ben was awarded FinTech Leader in the Singapore FinTech Awards 2020, and is currently serving as the Chairman of the Green and Sustainable FinTech Sub-committee of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).