Derrick Loi General Manager, International Business, Ant Group
General Manager, International Business, The Digital Technology Business Group of Ant Group

Derrick Loi

Current role is General Manager for International Business, Digital Technology BU in Ant Group, responsible for product development, localization, commercialization and customer success for the following innovative solutions and services:

  1. blockchain centric capabilities (e.g. NFT marketplace, practical use cases for tokenization, smart contract audit, supply chain finance, eBL, traceability, China CBDC pilot),
  2. end to end super app development with mini programs
  3. AI/ML enabled digital trust solutions (e.g. eKYC, eKYB, AML, MPC)

25 years of experience in fintech, cloud computing, enterprise data center, digital transformation, data security, data protection, customer success and managed services in Asia Pacific and global markets.

Previous roles include GM, Apps and Infra, Azure at Microsoft Asia and Global VP of Orange Cloud for Business (intl).

Effectively Bi-lingual.  Huge emphasis on Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Super experienced in growing new APAC or global business units from 0 to 1.

Growth mindset, customer-centric, bias for action, hands-on approach towards problem solving.

Graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) and an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA). He also holds various industry certifications in cloud computing from AWS, Azure and data security.

Previously, he was the General Manager of Microsoft Azure, Apps & Infra for Asia

Outside of work, he is an active volunteer with Lion Befrienders, a program that provides social and psycho-emotional support to Singapore's seniors through regular home visits.