Tawfique Hamid, Chief Revenue Officer - Asia and Europe, bolttech
Chief Revenue Officer - Asia and Europe, bolttech

Tawfique Hamid

Tawfique Hamid is Chief Revenue Officer (Europe and Asia) at bolttech, a leading unicorn insurtech based in Singapore.  Before moving to bolttech, he was Chief Revenue Officer at one of the leading blockchain trade finance networks Marco Polo, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. And before that, he was at SAP for nine years in sales and sales management roles across the US and Asia. His last role at SAP was as Chief Operating Officer for the SAP Ariba line of business in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.  He started his career in the technology staffing business and ran his own executive search business for a number of years before transitioning to enterprise technology sales at SAP.  He is a recent alumnus of the Columbia University Graduate School of Business Digital Business Leadership Program.