Pang Sze Yunn
CEO, Neurowyzr

Pang Sze Yunn

Sze Yunn is Chief Executive Officer of Neurowyzr, a deep neuroscience company focused on brain health and brain performance. 

Sze-Yunn has a unique combination of commercial capabilities from healthcare and enterprise software industries, and a successful track-record of stakeholder engagement across the complex ecosystem.  

She started her career with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and served in Beijing and New York. This was followed by a decade in the enterprise software, with CRM industry pioneer Siebel Systems in California, and Microsoft at its Redmond headquarters and China, in products like Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Business Intelligence. She then led NTUC Health Home Care, one of the largest providers of home care services in Singapore, during a period of rapid growth. Sze Yunn was the former Head of Philips’ Population Health Management business in Philips ASEAN Pacific, where she pioneered many healthcare “firsts” in Asia in the area of population health, remote monitoring and chronic disease management. As a digital health pioneer, she also sat on World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Longevity.  

Sze-Yunn holds a BSc (Econs) from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.