Han Leong Goh, Senior Principal Specialist, Platform Services Data aNalytics & Ai (DNA), Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd (IHiS)
Senior Principal Specialist, Platform Services, Data aNalytics & Ai (DNA), Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd (IHiS)

Dr Han Leong Goh

Dr. Goh Han Leong is the senior principal specialist at Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the technology agency for Singapore’s public healthcare sector. At IHiS, Dr. Goh leads the development of AI & data analytics solutions that can be used to better manage and improve healthcare services. 

He also develops strategies and provides guidance to multiple stakeholders on how to advance the application of AI and data analytics in healthcare. Dr. Goh’s notable projects include leading a team in the use of machine learning to monitor and predict multiple readmissions in hospitals, as well as applying deep learning algorithms on chest X-ray images to develop an AI prognostication tool that helps detect severe community-acquired pneumonia and COVID-19 respiratory infections. 

Dr. Goh is an accomplished data scientist with more than 10 years of experience. Prior to his current role, Dr. Goh was a project manager and data scientist at SingTel‘s living analytics R&D lab, where he was responsible for delivering insights to clients’ projects by leveraging big data analysis. Dr. Goh also spent the first half of his career at the Land Transport Authority (LTA) where he provided technology leadership and strategic oversight for mobility solutions regarding land transportation. He received his Doctorate and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.