accelerateHER Speaker - Sabrina Tan, Founder, Skin Inc
Founder, Skin Inc

Sabrina Tan

As the Founder, CEO, and visionary behind SkinInc, Sabrina Tan is a true pioneer in skincare personalization through technological innovation to achieve the most inimitable and impactful results on the market. With a passionate calling to “reboot beauty,” Tan conceived Skin Inc as “the world’s first Customized Serum Cocktail Bar” and multiple award-winning industry first skincare system. Since launching in Singapore in 2008 Skin Inc has become a globally loved brand and recipient of over100 beauty awards and is now available in 78 cities across 200 global distribution channels, including Sephora, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Amazon, Feel Unique, and Urban Outfitters.

Even as Skin Inc’s market and audience grows exponentially, Sabrina remains committed tokeeping intimacy core principle above all.

“The most intimate moment is being alone with yourself in front of the mirror at night caring for yourskin,” exclaims Sabrina. “We want to be there for you and speak directly to what your skin needs asan individual whose needs are constantly changing.

Our goal is to make what can be a complex skincare routine effortlessly chic and streamlined. We’re rebooting beauty with technology, because we love and respect the consumer so much.”

After attending University of London, she launched a successful career in tech, holding IT positions at Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM. In 2008, after realizing there had to be a better way to deliver customized skincare to busy working mothers everywhere, she founded Skin Inc. Among many breakthroughs, she instituted the inclusion of multiple active ingredients ratherthan simply one through encapsulation technology.

“I first saw encapsulation through file encryption,” she exclaims. “I thought if we could encapsulate Vitamin C instead of exposing it, we could keep it fresh and maximize the results. Encapsulation became the answer. It enabled us to incorporate three to four—or even ten—serums into one bottle without them interacting with each other. Rather than layering or mixing, we’re actually customizing. We’re personalizing the journey. Customization is literally the highest calling of skincare. We were able to marry tech and beauty to scale customization.”

Skin Inc’s evolution continues with ongoing product innovation. As of 2021, key products span the My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum, Optimizer Voyage Tri Light at-home LED light device, Tri Light Glasses and its first entry into makeup with the Serum Glow Filter, a hybrid skincare/color product. New product introductions for 2021 include the Refresh + Nourish Hand Serum Duo and Mask Line, its crossover into the wellness category, and coming in February,2021 a Custom Recovery Sleep Mask.