Marius Dascălu, CEO, Headlight Solutions
CEO, Headlight Solutions

Marius Dascălu

Founder and CEO of Headlight Solutions, a Romanian Technology Company, specialized in research and development. Marius has a long history in finance and entrepreneurship and understands the process of growing a successful organisation. Under his leadership, Headlight Solutions, although founded in 2013 reached by the end of 2020 a turnover of over 12 million euros from projects that include complex software solutions and custom-made hardware. In the past Marius also successfully managed all the joint projects of SensyTouch, a company that develops, engineers, and markets a premium range of multi-touch solutions for a broad range of industries. Prior to his entrepreneur venture, he achieved the Vice-president position at Prime Transactions a financial services and investments company, present on the Romanian capital market since 1997.