Theo Sanders, CEO, Sybil, Entertainment
CEO, Sybil Entertainment

Theo Sanders

Theo Sanders is the Principal Advisor and CEO at Sibyl Consulting in Singapore. In this role he advises Boards, CEOs, and senior management teams in the technology, media, and entertainment industries on commercial success, new product go-to-market, and global expansion.

In recent years, Theo has led consulting projects helping firms in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and the United States reimagine their brand management and IP development strategies across a spectrum of emerging tech ecosystems. 

Prior to Sibyl, Theo led the Helix Leisure Group for five years as CEO, providing VR experiences, arcade games, and payments solutions to some 3,000 entertainment venues globally.

In his 20-year career in entertainment, he has worked in senior roles with Ubisoft (Lead Producer), Razer (Global Head of Product), and Blizzard Entertainment (Producer) in both the United States and Asia.