Madhav R Ragam, Vice President, Public Sector, Maxar Technologies
Vice President, Public Sector, Maxar Technologies

Madhav R Ragam

Madhav Ragam wants us all to live in safe, secure, well-planned, healthy and thriving cities and nations. And in his role as Vice President – Public Sector at MaxarTechnologies, he works to find ways for public sector clients around the world to deliver innovation and efficiency to the systems that support life on this planet–leveragingMaxar’s highly accurate, high-resolution satellite imagery and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms.

Madhav joined Maxar in 2020 after spending 25 years with IBM. While at IBM, he held a variety of solutions and sales management positions with a good exposure and a successful track record of working with government and healthcare clients–starting with Singapore, ASEAN, Asia Pacific, growth market countries and also global government clients.

Before joining IBM, Madhav worked for a number of IT firms targeting public sector clients. His achievements included developing a Geographical Information System(GIS) for the Indian government and several other IT systems for the governments in Singapore and Asia.

Madhav is a frequent speaker and works with clients on transformation opportunities in government, defence & intelligence and space industries.