Wanli Min, Founder and CEO, North Summit Capital
Founder and CEO, North Summit Capital

Wanli Min

Founder and CEO of North Summit Capital, Dr Min is a leading expert in industrial intelligence and business innovations powered by data technology and mathematics. He pioneered a 'technology + capital' strategy to accelerate digital transformation in various industries ranging from e-commerce to manufacturing and smart city.

Dr Min received a Ph.D. in statistics from The University of Chicago and B.S from the University of Science & Technology of China. His research area includes probability, stochastic process, time series analysis, machine learning, smart traffic and signal processing. He served as a researcher at   IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM Singapore, and Google before joining Alibaba in 2013. Later as Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist for Alibaba Cloud, Dr Min took charge R&D in the data intelligence solutions. In 2017, Dr Min was named by Forbes as a leading technologist driving China's AI revolution and also appointed to the advisory committee of the next-generation AI strategy under China's Ministry of Science and Technology.