Jacky Shih-Hong Chiang, Chief Strategy Officer, Dowsure
Chief Strategy Officer, Dowsure

Jacky Shih-Hong Chiang

Jacky is the Chief Strategy Officer of Dowsure, he spearheads business development, investment & financing, together with international PR and branding. 

As a Fintech veteran, Jacky is experienced in cross-border payment and lending products, he was the Head of Strategy in Swiftpass/Wallyt and Head of Business Development in Akulaku and Bank Neo Commerce, pioneering open banking and payment solutions globally, especially in South East Asia. 

Throughout his career, Jacky has demonstrated strong leadership in working with banks from different region and developing innovative product lines, including acquiring product for WeChat pay/Alipay/UPI, VCC issuing products, BaaS and various kinds of B2B lending solutions. 

Early in his career, Jacky was also an Analyst in Barclays Capital Hong Kong and Strategy Analyst in DJI, the combination of banking and startup experiences has enabled him to lead under complex business scenarios.