Nirupam SD
Senior Scientist, Head of IoT and Artificial Intelligence Lead Principal Investigator (PI) - Big data fusion platforms for Smart Factories, Smart Grids and Autonomous EVs, Energy Research Institute

Nirupam SD

Nirupam is a Serial entrepreneur, Conference speaker, Engineering leader with 22 years of global executive experience in Largescale system design and integration of Autonomous systems, Big data fusion platforms, Deep neural networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud computing technologies, Visual Computing (Video AI), Connected vehicles, Autonomous systems. Smart cities integrated ICT infrastructure. Served as chief ICT architect and chief instrumentation expert for ICT driven future (smart) cities. 

Nirupam is a Lead Principal Investigator (PI) for Metaverse driven Advanced AI algorithms and Big Data Fusion platforms for Smart grids, Smart Factories and Autopilot Systems.

Nirupam is a successful entrepreneur, Spin-off a three deep tech companies in Advanced AI, Big data fusion & IoT platforms, Connected vehicles & Autonomous system, raised multi-mil $ fund from Singapore National Research Foundation (Singapore NRF) and Private VCs. Pioneer in IoT, advanced AI, Metaverse driven big data Fusion, Multisense wireless sensors design and Block chain technologies implementation.

Nirupam is an expert in the IoT space, designed IoT products from scratch, managed successive generations of remote connectivity platforms and solutions, playing key roles in designing, evangelizing, and realizing innovative connected product solutions, successful deployment of connected products in the marketplace.

Nirupam Built world’s leading open IoT platform, has proven capability to connect & analyse over trillions of devices and data events, connected & address the needs of verticals such as Automotive, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Industrial, Smart factories, Smart grids, Smart Cities, Financial services, Manufacturing, and Oil Gas industries.

Nirupam successfully created long-term partnership, R&D collaboration, and commercial strategies with various MNCs in the areas of Advanced AI, IoT, Cloud tech and Wireless communications include Ultranarrow bands and LTE 5G.

Nirupam successfully designed & implemented Cognitive machine intelligence Platform for Augmented decisions making self-learning machines. Controlling commercial cooling system using Deep Reinforced Learning, aimed to achieve energy savings 20%, carbon reduction by 16% and Operation efficiency improve by 46%. High precision wireless digital systems for EVs Battery diagnosis & health monitoring in both off-line &On-line. Developed key technologies for ZEROe such as an AI automated hydrogen gas sensing & leakage detection platform enabling disruptive solution for global Hydrogen gas economy to achieve decarbonisation.

Nirupam is an IEEE distinguished speaker on IoT, AI, Big data Fusion & Industry 4.0, Panel moderator and delivered plenary talks at Europe, Asia-Pacific and Global conferences with audience sizes ranging up to 500+ attendees.

He speaks across different industries such as IoT, AI, Smart cities ICT infrastructure, Energy & Utilities, Big Data & Cloud Tech. His audience and associations have covered C-Suite & technology leaders, Programme directors & managers, Product Managers, Data scientists, Security, Risk & Compliance professionals, Actuarial, Marketing, Pre-sales, start-ups mentors