Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard
Co-Founder, Found & Seek

Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard

Expert in Digital Footprint / Climate Education for all kinds of organisations. I am coordinating the Singapore and SEA effort for the Climate Fresk workshop ecosystem, an interactive and immersive learning experience to understand Climate Change.

Community & Think tank leaders in various topics like Greenwashing, Sustainable Tourism and Tech 4 good.

Founding member of IxSA (Innovation x Sustainability Alliance), an accelerator/do-tank that supports Founders & Investors in their quest for impact

Prior to my career shift in Sustainability, I developed 7 years of experience in AI/ML SaaS Sales, Product development and Tech partnerships across Asia. 

Most recent references; NUS, Temasek, Schneider Electric, Total Energies, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment in Singapore, Chanel, L’Oréal, … 

Founding member at The Matcha Initiative (NGO for B2B Incentives & help organisations in their sustainable journey)

Ambassador at Passerelles Numériques (Digital education for Southeast Asia underprivileged kids). I am working on a positive media to spread good news - only! - about Impact & Purpose.

I also dedicate some of his time to mentor Impact driven students to help them in their early growth