Alex Timbs, Senior Business Development Manager, Dell Technologies
Senior Business Development Manager, Dell Technologies

Alex Timbs

Alex Timbs, Senior Business Development Manager at Dell Technologies, is a former Head of IT for Animal Logic, one of the world's leading animation and VFX studios, with technology teams in Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has extensive experience dealing with the challenges of real-time high-performance data orchestration, storage, resilience and redundancy in modern, nonlinear Animation and VFX Pipelines.

Alex has delivered multiple high-density data centres, virtualised infrastructure and dealt with enormous growth and contraction during the production of many award-winning animated and VFX features. Alex is extremely passionate about bridging the gap between Technology and Art, as he feels that neither exists without the other in the modern context. Understanding that actual business value can only be uncovered by first establishing trust and answering the "Why".

Alex joined Dell Technologies to help customers and the industry look beyond standard strategies for managing large-scale data challenges.