Justin Lee
Director, TRIREC

Justin Lee

Justin is a Director at TRIREC, a leading investment firm that was incorporated in 2015 with the aim of making a meaningful impact on addressing climate through a disciplined investment approach by supporting companies and projects that share our belief in a sustainable future.  TRIREC’s investment mandate is focused on the decarbonization theme and invests in early-stage start-ups globally.   

Justin currently sits on Board as an observer for Aether Diamonds, a US carbon-to-diamonds company which makes diamonds from CO2 captured from the atmosphere and TRIA, a Singapore food packaging circular company.  He previously sat on the board of a few other renewables and climate start-ups in his VC career of 8 years.   

Justin is an active mentor to the start-ups that he was involved with or had invested in.  He now works with 8 portfolio companies on corporate strategy, corporate finance and fundraising.  2 of the 8 companies that he was part of the investment deal team have gone on to become global unicorns. 

Justin is deeply imbued in TRIREC's culture, steeped in a desire to protect the environment for the many generations that will follow, entrepreneurial drive and a strong sense of community and camaraderie. The value of what he seeks to achieve is immeasurable in the short-term, while viewed in the long lens of history, is massively significant. In the short span of his career, he has supported companies in the space of cleantech and decarbonization to help propagate real impact on our environment and earth.