Dr. Somika Bhatnagar
Head, Plant Transformation and Tissue Culture, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

Dr Somika Bhatnagar

Dr. Somika Bhatnagar holds a Ph.D. degree in plant molecular biology. She is a scientist and educator with over 20 years of research experience in biotechnology and nanotechnology. She is a practitioner of the application of academics to translational areas like sustainable agroforestry, conservation of biodiversity, nature-based solutions for carbon capture, and cellular agriculture to produce bioactive compounds for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. The research work has gained international recognition at conferences and publications. She has mentored several students during their internships, staff during research, and adult learners in their life-long learning journey. Her expertise includes generating ideas and innovating feasible solutions, strategy planning and creating new business opportunities, leading research teams, transferring technical know-how, licensing technology, project management, and providing consultancy to companies and start-ups. She has been successful in taking research from ‘lab to land’ as a spin-off company, BioForest Pte Ltd, producing and planting 1 million tissue culture plants per year for over seven years. With a passion for health and food security, coupled with an understanding of the entrepreneurial innovation landscape in Singapore, she is actively involved in global applications of science and technology in sustainability and climate change research at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory.