Michael  Alifen
Director & CEO, PT Dwi Tunggal Putra (DTP)

Michael Alifen

Michael Alifen first joined PT Dwi Tunggal Putra (DTP) in 2002, right after obtaining a master’s degree in business with a specialization in information systems management at the University of New South Wales. This degree complements his educational background, having earlier completed his education major in business in 2000, Australian University of Technology, Sydney.  

With extensive experience in technology and information, Michael Alifen diligently built his career in DTP establishing his position as Director & CEO of the company. In 2019, he managed to secure DTP’s role as the Master Exclusive Distribution Partner, Gateway Co-location Provider and POP Co-location Provider for OneWeb, the first Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Communication provider in the world, delivering High Bandwidth and Low Latency Satellite Connectivity Globally.  

He also started the Datacenter business line for DTP in 2002 and formed a solid foundation within the connectivity industry. The long journey finally reached its peak in 2022, with the completion of an integrated facility for datacenter and satellite business named AREA31 by PT Dunia Virtual Online (DVO) which he founded and currently leads as President Director. Michael ensures that his company provides the best service quality and neutrality on the Datacenter business line, from their existing datacenters in Cyber building, TIFA building and AREA31.