TechXLR8 Asia Speaker - Simon Mussard, Head of Thales Digital Factory (Singapore)
Head, Thales Digital Factory (Singapore)

Simon Mussard

Simon Mussard heads up the Thales Digital Factory in Singapore, the 3rd Digital Factory established by Thales globally in 2018 to accelerate the digital transformation of the group and its customers. Inspired by a start-up organisation and embracing agile concepts, the Digital Factory is the incubator for all new Digital products from Thales. Over the last three years, the Digital Factory has expended to encompass 250 employees across the globe and has become the space for Thales to experiment and establish a strong, disruptive digital culture.  With work principles that embrace empowerment and autonomy, a Lean start-up mindset and software craftsmanship, the Digital Factory in Singapore also cultivates homegrown digital solutions, co-developed in close collaboration with customers, partners and end-users.

Before joining the founding team of Thales Digital Factory in 2017, Simon spent 9 years in Accenture Strategy Paris, supporting French companies in their technology strategy, redesigning IT organisations and helping them launch their enterprise-scale digital transformation. As a strategy consultant, Simon has provided counsel to all major French banks and a broad spectrum of retail companies, as well as Aerospace & Defence engineering companies in their digital transformation, covering topics such as digital business rotation, Agile at Scale, DevOps and Journey to Cloud etc.

Simon holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Information Systems Engineering from Manchester University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering from L’Ecole des Mines de Nancy (France). He currently resides in Singapore.