TechXLR8 Asia Speaker - Divya Venkatraman, Entrepreneur/Deep-Tech Consultant
Entrepreneur/Deep-Tech Consultant

Divya Venkatraman

Divya started her career as a Software Engineer developing web-based applications for the US insurance industry while at Infosys, India. She received her masters and doctorate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Including her graduate degree, Divya has been an ardent data science practitioner for close to 15 years making the journey from a software engineer to a signal processing engineer to a researcher to an applied machine learning/ AI engineer working on multiple projects across different industry verticals such as Energy (Halliburton), eduTech (CRADLE@NTU), Risk Management (Sense Infosys) and MedTech (AiHighway). Divya specializes in processing sequence data that includes time-series and natural language. Armed with industry experience, she currently teaches many of the Data courses at GA, Singapore for consumer and enterprise clients. She is also a member of GA Global Data Science Immersive product advisory group.