Divya Gehlot Mishra, Analytics Development Lead, Healthcare Organisation
Analytics Development Lead, Healthcare Organisation

Divya Gehlot Mishra

Divya develops and supports the development and execution of a comprehensive analytics platform roadmap and strategy and develop solutions on major cloud platforms and Big Data Distributions.

She also drives innovation and expertise, finding new ways and using emerging technology to shape patient healthcare of the future.

She has worked in variety of industries including on large projects in telecoms, banking, commercial real estate, IoT and healthcare.

She has deep technical expertise with extensive knowledge of cloud computing, enterprise IT infrastructure, software development and DevOps paradigms. She is passionate about delivering leading edge solutions based on cloud technology, whilst helping organisations transform to take full advantage of cloud, lean and agile approaches.

She is also the Co-founder and Head of curriculum at BigDataX, a community and technical workshop speaker, and hands-on facilitator covering areas including Big Data and Cloud computing since 2018 . Divya is also a Google Developer Expert on GCP Data & Analytics