Dimitris Angelakis, Chief Scientist and Founder, AngelQ Quantum Computing
Chief Scientist and Founder, AngelQ Quantum Computing

Dimitris Angelakis

Dimitris Angelakis is the Chief Scientist and Founder of AngelQ Quantum Computing, a quantum software and consulting company based in Singapore. AngelQ builds architecture-agnostic quantum and quantum inspired software solutions ready for company deployment. Example industries it works with are market and consumer research,  finance, energy and sustainability, and supply chain. Angelakis completed his PhD in quantum physics at Imperial College in 2002 and his thesis received the UK Institute of Physics Quantum Electronics Thesis Prize that year. Since then, he has been leading quantum computing research teams in Cambridge, Greece and Singapore. His research awards include the 2018 Google Quantum Innovation Award and the Valerie Myerscough Award from University of London.