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VANTIQ is the only solution that enables you to rapidly develop and deploy real-time applications by combining low-code development, powerful event-based integration, easy edge deployments, and effective human-machine collaboration, all in a single asynchronous, event-driven, scalable platform. It is an enterprise-ready platform that supports mission-critical applications. 

What makes VANTIQ unique

  1. Low-code, Rapid Development of Event-Driven Apps
  2. Agile Event-Based Integration Model
  3. Edge and Event-Mesh Deployments
  4. Effective Human-Machine Collaboration
  5. Enables Mission-Critical Systems 

VANTIQ is the only platform focused on event-driven applications that comprehensively supports high productivity across the software development lifecycle including design, development, testing, deployment and operations. The IDE combines the best of visual editors, scripting editors and a rules system with scripting based on JavaScript and SQL, testing tools for debugging, tracing and logging and a visual tool for distributed deployments.