Smart Audio Technologies
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Smart Audio Technologies

Smart Audio Technologies solves a real problem of effective communication in a noisy environment. There are numerous situations when the environmental noise levels are very high, and mission-critical communication is difficult. Such settings are commons place in aviation, defence, front line emergency services, motor racing and manufacturing. However, clear communications can be the difference between life and death or winning and losing.

SmartMute® is an AI based Self-Adaptive Noise Elimination technology that can eliminate up to 130dB of environmental background noise in real-time and deliver Clear Voice Without The Noise®.

Sandeep Chintala, Founder and CEO of Smart Audio Technologies explained that the human brain is such a clever and sophisticated machine, it is capable of subconsciously supressing the surrounding noise when in a noisy environment and to focus on the target sound, even when there is sound being received by from all directions. SmartMute® technology emulates this complex and sophisticated capability, and capable of bringing it to all devices and environments.

The new 2023 headset range are targeted towards the heavy industries to support clear mission-critical communications and capable of withstanding up to 120dB of environmental noise levels in real-time, which is far superior to most other offering in the market.