Minglecon Co., Ltd.
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Minglecon Co., Ltd.

Learning and games are friendly mingled. With the aid of gamified approaches, if they can have more learning motivation, Gamification can be the most useful tool for both children and even adults in learning, particularly for computational thinking which is a core competence of AI era in the 21st century. 

We provide convergence of gamification with the technology of mobiles, webs, hands-on kits, Ai robots, and STEAM robots for computational thinking skills. 

Main services are 

  1. Minglebot, help, which is for computational thinking gamification. 
  2. What additionally good is this app can be liaised with Minglebot unplugged computational program kit 12 sets as you can see the image on the screen. These sets are delivered in multi-lingual ways like Korean, Vietnamese, English, Thai and Chinese. 
  3. Minglecon rolling English 240, total 4 apps are for English language proficiency, targeting fancy stickers into movable basket hoops. All the words, quizzes and sentences of these games are developed based on CEFR which is global English standards 
  4. Zzam Zzam TOEIC is an English proficiency gamification, targeting from primary schoolers to adults. 

You will naturally get in your head throughout these retro games. To expand into global markets we are moving on to the next step, having MOUS with international companies. We are looking for investors and strategic partners to work with for a more progressive marketing to expand into a global market.