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Looop was founded on April 4th, 2011, triggered by volunteer activities in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Company vision is using renewable energy to create a free energy society where energy will advance from “consumption” to “circulation”.

Looop started with the sales of My Power Plant Kit, and launched “Looop Denki” - electricity retail business with no basic charge, which was the first such attempt in the industry. Looop provides an integrated different service across its value chain as a one-stop service by combining the following 4 domains, which enable to develop renewable energy at the lowest price, and control energy generation/demand/storage for each home and minimize the electricity bill.

  1. Energy Creation: Solar power generation systems for businesses and households.
    • Renewable energy power plant development and PPA services
  2. Electricity Retail: Electricity retail business for customers all over Japan.
    • A unique supply and demand management system can reduce the power procurement cost and hedge the risk from the volatility of the market and the impact of climate change
  3. Energy Storage: Storage battery systems for businesses and households.
    • Automatic charging/discharging controlled by AI
  4. O&M: Operation and maintenance services.
    • Remote monitoring systems/ Drones in Solar Operations

Looop is also challenging various new products and services to create the added value for customers by combining its knowhow from renewable energy development and electricity retail business. Such as installing solar panels on the rooftop for households with free initial cost, and offering EV discount and charger installation as a package for electric vehicle owners.

As an integrated renewable energy company, Looop will further contribute to a paradigm shift of energy, from consuming it to circulating it.