AI Ecosystem Development Roundtable

6 June 2023 | 8.00am - 9.00am

The Gallery | Capella Singapore

Artificial intelligence will change everything. But are you ready for what comes next?

While not a new technology, recent advances in AI, like the proliferation of Chat-GPT, have driven businesses and governments to seek a deeper understanding of what it all means and has necessitated an examination of their own readiness for the potential impacts. 

SAP invites you to participate in a breakfast roundtable where business leaders, policymakers, and scientists will share their views on where things stand today, what are the current opportunities, and how do we maximize the benefit of AI through deployment across society with a focus on key industries. 

You can look forward to deeper discussions at ATxSummit on a critically important emerging technology.



8.00am - 8.05am: Opening Remarks

AI is constantly changing our world and has potential to create enormous value across economies. We examine the opportunity for AI to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth in Asia, while identifying the implications of global and local policy regimes on collaborative AI ecosystem development and deployment.


  • Dr Lovneesh Chanana, Senior Vice President, Head of Government Affairs, Asia Pacific and Japan, SAP