Brandon Seir
Chief Commercial Officer at Kacific


Brandon Seir is a marketing, sales and strategic planning specialist with over a decade of experience working in leading international telecommunications, internet service providers and digital technology companies.

Brandon spent 11 years initially as Director Sales, and then Chief Commercial Officer with Roshan (Telecom Development Company), a GSM cellular provider with over 7.9 million customers, and a subsidiary of AT&T, Talia Sonora & Monaco Telecom. Prior to that, Brandon was Director International Business Development for Singaporean company Technobiz Equipment, providing enterprise payments solutions to telecom operators, banks, internet and utility service providers.

At Kacific, Brandon is overseeing the development of the company’s range of satellite broadband service offerings. He is also responsible for sales of dynamic solutions in 25 markets covered by Kacific1. Brandon holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a BBA from Tashkent State University.