Chao Liu
Director, Technology Innovation at Shandong Inspur Digital Business


Mr. Chao Liu is the Director of Science and Technology Innovation Department of Inspur Digital Business Technology Co., Ltd, a leading enterprise digital transformation service provider and new business infrastructure provider in commercial circulation field in China. He has an international vision, a keen business sense, a wealth of overseas experience and practical experience. He always believed that in the process of overseas business development, scientific and technological innovation must be an indispensable part. At present, his team is responsible for assisting Inspur Digital Business Technology to explore overseas markets on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is committed to using the means of scientific and technological innovation to actively cooperate with overseas partners (universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, etc.) to build bridges for global cooperation. He will use his experience, energy, passion to broaden Inspur Digital Business Technology’s overseas map.