Do Van Long
CEO at Vietnam Blockchain Corporation


Do Van Long, the visionary CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, is a trailblazer in the blockchain industry. Recognized for his exceptional talent, he has been granted the prestigious Global Talent Visa 858 by the Australian Government, facilitating his entry as a highly skilled professional. With an MBA from Columbia Southern University, a DBA candidacy from the Swiss School of Business and Management, and training from Draper University's esteemed Hero Program, his expertise is unparalleled.

Boasting over 22 years of experience in the IT field, Do Van Long has held executive positions in e-commerce, travel, hospitality, ESG solutions, and finance. He specializes in innovative enterprise solutions encompassing ERP, CRM, SCM, business intelligence, and blockchain. His passion for propagating blockchain technology knowledge, developing business strategies, and exploring new opportunities is unwavering.

Under his leadership, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation has become a leading provider of blockchain solutions across diverse sectors like finance, agriculture, healthcare, supply chain, logistics, and carbon credit management. Do Van Long has contributed significantly to numerous blockchain initiatives, including Vietnam Blockchain Country, Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem Network, and Blockchain for Sustainable Supplychain Development Goals. His vision drives the adoption of blockchain solutions, positioning the company as an industry leader.