Eric Huang
Advisory Director/ Expert Consultant, Government Digital Transformation at WSP Taiwan/ Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan


Eric Huang has recently joined WSP in Taiwan as Advisory Director, bringing with him over 15 years of extensive experience in consultancy and professional services, specializing in industrial digital transformation, data analytics, and AI applications. Eric is renowned for his deep understanding of these domains and has several patents in the field, highlighting his innovative approach to technology. At WSP, Eric leads the integration of AI and ESG elements into the company’s engineering and advisory services, helping to develop mid- and long-term AI/ESG roadmaps for key clients. His role is pivotal in enhancing WSP’s digital advisory services through strategic application of technology. In addition to his responsibilities at WSP, Eric plays significant roles in the broader AI community in Taiwan. He is the Technological Exchange Director at the Taiwan AI Association (TAIA) and serves as an Advisor at the Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF). Furthermore, he contributes his expertise as an Expert Advisor on digital transformation for the public sector, appointed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan. Eric Huang has 15 years of consultancy services on industrial digital transformation, data analytics. 15 patents on AI practices and services. Besides the Advisory Director of WSP Taiwan Branch, Eric Huang is also having a significant role in Taiwan AI associate (TAIA) as Technological Exchange Director, and Consultant of AI Technology Foundation (AIF). Eric also a famous Columnist and translator of 12 books on the Business Trends and AI technologies.