Dr. Philipe Reinisch
CEO at SilkRoad 4.0 Inc


Dr. Philipe Reinisch is the innovative founder of SILKROAD 4.0, which revitalizes the legendary Silk Road from a European perspective by integrating modern digital and AI technologies with its rich historical trade routes, connecting the world. An expert in IoT and global digital strategy, Dr. Reinisch champions tech diplomacy and sustainable development through SILKROAD 4.0. His leadership has expanded the initiative into a global movement, orchestrating high-tech expeditions across Europe and Asia. These events, including the semi-annual SILKROAD 4.0 Nomadic Global Summit, bring together international leaders to explore technology's role in societal and economic transformation. Participants engage in workshops, forums, and discussions that foster international collaboration and technological advancement, echoing the Silk Road's spirit of mutual benefit and cultural exchange.

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