Originate, monetize, and optimize—FAST

Maximize your ROI ON Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST)


Originate, monetize, and optimize—FAST

This eBook for media and entertainment (M&E) leaders, BD, and tech teams shows you how AWS and AWS Partners help maximize revenue and minimize costs as you launch FAST channels.

Maximize revenue

Reach is revenue

Platforms such as Roku, Fire TV, and Samsung require FAST channels to have a specified configuration. Each platform has unique requirements for ad-loading (number of ads in a break or an hour) and for electronic program guides (EPG). Your FAST solution must be flexible to maximize viewership across platforms and scalable as your audience expands.

Multi-format monetization

Think beyond traditional pre, mid, and post-rolls ads. Maximize your return on content investment by selling L-bands, banners, and in-stream commerce with QR codes for one-click conversions on your FAST channel. Delivering this inventory reliably, at scale, with minimal load times is critical.

Sell direct and programmatic inventory

Diversify ad sales to maximize revenue and fill rates. Premium shared inventory and ad placements, sponsorships, and brand collaborations can be sold directly. To maximize programmatic sell-through rates and cost per mille (CPM), integrate with multiple demand side platforms (DSPs) that optimally populate ad pods at the highest revenue.

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