Thomas Magendaz
Head of Software-based Networks Division (NGNI) at Fraunhofer


Thomas Magedanz (PhD) has been professor at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, leading the chair for next generation networks since 2004. In addition, since 2003 he has been Director of the Business Unit Software-based Networks (NGNI) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS in Berlin. Furthermore, he joined the supervisory board of Uniberg Holding AG in 2023.

For more than 30 years Prof. Magedanz has been a globally recognized ICT expert, working in the convergence field of telecommunications, Internet and information technologies understanding both the technology domains and the international market demands. He is an open networking pioneer and the creator of many open technology testbeds and related software toolkits, such as the Fraunhofer 5G Playground which is based on the Open5GCore software toolkit.

Since 2022 he is coordinating the German national flagship project CampusOS, which aims to build an ecosystem for open campus networks. Additinally, he is principal investigator in the German Open6GHub and 6GRIC flagship projects, investigating in new organic 6G networks.